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needs alot of work

i didnt try out the things in the tutorial but i'm sure they work.

however, the flash itself was very sketchy and needs alot of work.

i think you should remake it but take more time over it.

how the hell?

the lip sync was crap and the mouth openings looked like they had been made in ms paint... seriously I'm surprised this got onto newgrounds. You need to touch up on your flash skills and make a better flash.

Could be better...

This was actually quite funny but it could be a hell of alot better. All you need to do is add a preloader and turn up the jpeg quality in flash settings to get rid of the pixels. Then you might have a half decent animation.

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That's great for a first game, I think if you invested in a graphics tablet then you could make it even better, and maybe if you added some levels or a campiagn/co-op mode.

Good work! Keep it up! 6/10

This should be first place, not fourth!

Seriously, I think is possibly one of the best games I've ever played on Newgrounds. I spent most of last night and most of today playing it, and I've beaten the big demon-thing but I carried on in endless mode. There's lots of games like this on Newgrounds, but none with so much 'style and grace' as this one. As I said, this should definitely be first place on the front page, and it should stay there for a long, long time.

Good work man! 10/10 - My all-time favourite game on Newgrounds!

Great game!

I thought this was brilliant, could have been longer though. And to the last guy, how can you say the gameplay wasn't original? This is possibly one of the most original games on Newgrounds!!!


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That was amazing, for some reason, it reminded me of Starcraft, but I love that game so it's all good. But yeah I've always loved you and your work and this is definitely one of your best.

Now thats what I call a loop!

Short, simple, and very effective. Look out for my flash music tutorial because I'm going to being using this song.

'spect to ya!

I love this! And it loops so smoothly! And btw, I am gonna use it in a flash music tutorial so look out for that.

Bento-San responds:

Heya i would love to hear this in a audio flash tutorial, if there is anything i can help you with what so ever, just shoot me a message and ill do my best too see what i can do for you.

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