Entry #1

Puzzle Pirates!

2007-12-03 10:12:59 by Ash4792

Puzzle Pirates is a 100% free and 100% fun online multiplayer game which takes you back in time to the world of scurvy sea dogs. You can work with the local navy fleet to earn some extra money for new clothes, weapons and pets, or become a proper pirate and go on pillaging raids with your friends!

Click here to sign up for Puzzle Pirates!

Puzzle Pirates!


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2007-12-03 21:17:54

I like it

Ash4792 responds:

Yeah, it's a great game! What's your pirates name? I'll add you as a heartie so that we can be friends online.


2007-12-06 12:12:24

How about that nuclear fusion?

Ash4792 responds:

What is it with you and that phrase?

Am I missing something here?


2008-04-19 14:41:14

Hi whould u like to join my madness collab?